:: Surat Al Ikhlas & Ayat Kursi

kursiayat kursial ikhlas

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    Ade said,


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    kacabidang said,

    ukiran dari kau pastina tekhnik yg rumit sekali, kalo sya lebih suka painting di kaca metode terbalik.

    hi, please visit our artworks in categories of Islamic calligraphy. It’s just another artworks, so the price is reliable.


    Painting process and method are reverse glass painting, this method takes for the purpose of exposing glossiness, elegance and keep the color paints from degradation by oldies. In pictures have a background I creates some natural painting methods that can creates such as fractal.

    Thank you for your interest in our artworks,

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    dimana saya bisa memperoleh bahan mentah kaligrafi ukir kayunya. terimakasih

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